K Care Pty Ltd (Receiver & Manager Apptd) (Admin Apptd) & subsidiaries – Sale of Businesses Update

12th May 2017


The Victorian operations which traded as “Mobile Repairs”, “Victorian Home Health Equipment” and “Healthcare Equipment Solutions” have been sold by the Receiver & Manager to Cabrini Health Limited effective 1 May 2017. Reemployment was offered to 24 employees, and the businesses’ clients continue to receive goods and services.


New South Wales

The NSW businesses including those trading as K Care, Easyvet and Aircomfort etc: were sold by the Receiver effective 11 May 2017. Approximately 32 employees have consequently been offered re-employment and the business continues operating in NSW from the Eastern Creek premises.


Western Australia

The Company’s manufacturing operation in WA has been sold effective 11 May 2017 and is currently being relocated to South Australia from where manufacturing will be recommenced.

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