Advisory & Forensic

Our services are utilised by a variety of clients including lawyers, barristers, arbitrators, mediators, accountants, tribunals, law enforcement agencies, government departments, businesses, corporations, not-for-profit organisations, clubs, associations and individuals.

Our services include expert accounting and professional support for a comprehensive range of purposes and across all legal jurisdictions including:

The valuation of Businesses, Intangibles and Equity for:

  • Family Law
  • The purchase and sale of businesses
  • Compulsory acquisitions
  • Shareholder disputes; and
  • Compliance issues (stamp duty, taxation etc.)

Calculation of Economic Loss and Damages for:

  • Breach of contract
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct and other Trade Practice disputes
  • Personal Injury, worker’s compensation and Income Protection; and
  • Business Interruption

Due Diligence Reviews and Financial Investigations for:

  • Financing
  • Purchase and sale of businesses;
  • Assessment of stability and ongoing viability
  • Royalty and Licencing review
  • Disentangling and explaining complex financial transactions; and
  • Fraud and Corruption reviews and investigations

Reports as to Solvency

Our experts are experienced in presenting evidence in court, tribunal and mediation/settlement proceedings as well as participating in commercial transactions and negotiations. We offer a practical approach, a broad range of business experience and a diverse skill set whether it be required for negotiation, mediation or Court determined.

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