A person is solvent if, and only if, the person is able to pay all the person’s debts, as and when they become due and payable. A person who is not solvent is insolvent*. (*Section 95A of the Corporation Act – A person includes a company).

As registered and official liquidators we are qualified to and experienced in liquidating solvent and insolvent companies.

A solvent company is typically liquidated to enable the most tax effective distribution of its surplus assets to shareholders.

An insolvent company may be liquidated by one of a numbers of means:

  • official liquidation
  • creditors voluntary liquidation
  • provisional liquidation

Typically, liquidation of an insolvent company includes four primary roles, prior to its finalisation:

  • investigative
  • asset realisation
  • dividend payment
  • reporting to stakeholders, including creditors, shareholders and Australia’s regulatory authorities including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission

The liquidation type utilised is determined by the company’s circumstances.

We offer a complete range of corporate insolvency services and assist directors, creditors and shareholders choose the liquidation type suitable to the circumstances.

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